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There are new requirements for priority registration at California Community Colleges.

See how orientation, assessment,
and Education Planning can keep you on the fast track.

what is priority registration?

Take the steps to get the classes you want.

Your Community College:

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step1 orientation

Connect with your campus

Orientation allows you to learn about financial aid, registration, tutoring services, important locations on campus, types of degrees, and more, helping you adjust to your new college.

step 2 assessment

Discover your skills

The assessment process helps you choose courses at the right level for you, making sure you don't end up with work that is too difficult or taking classes below your skill levels.

Create a path to success

An Education Plan helps you identify the courses required to complete your goals and the best order to take them in, helping you determine the amount of time and money you will need to invest in your education and take the most direct route from start to finish.

  • Keep Moving.

    Priority registration is one of the best ways to speed up your education and put your goals within your reach.

  • Know where you’re going.

    Choose a course of study or major early and make sure your ed plan is up-to-date. Students who choose a major in their first year are 50% more likely to complete their studies on time—plus, it’s required now at many colleges as a condition for maintaining priority enrollment.

    Need help choosing your major?
  • the right classes.

    Take the classes that count. Complete at least 50% of your enrolled units each semester, and don’t accumulate more than 100 units in your first year, excluding most remedial and ESL courses. (Some majors or programs may be exempt, and some colleges may have stricter guidelines).

    If you are nearing 100 units, meet with a college counselor to plan your courses.

  • Make the grade.

    Grades matter. The goal is for all students to maintain good academic standing with at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA), the equivalent of a “C” average, or higher.

    If you fall below a 2.0 GPA, you will lose your priority registration and be at risk for academic probation.

    Get tips for calculating your GPA.


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As a California Community College student, you’re eligible for exclusive savings on software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud.

California Community Colleges are affordable and financial aid is available year-round to help pay for enrollment, fees, books, and supplies.

The LaunchPath tool matches students with internship positions based on their skills and interests. There is no cost for students and it takes under 10 minutes to sign up.

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